Member Spotlight



Tom Kokinakos, Inspired Catering and Events - Managing Partner / Director of Catering & Sales

Describe Your Company

Inspired Catering & Events, formerly Phil Stefani Signature Events, has been creating extraordinary events for over 25 years. Our experienced team is committed to delivering creative solutions for your event planning needs. We are now a certified WBE, ACDBE, DBE Company.

How has your company pivoted because of COVID?
We have started to work on meal kits for many of our fundraisers that have gone the virtual route.

What is your favorite part of working in the events industry? 
The craziness which suits my personality. Also how almost every event is different and similar in a way.

Do you have any pandemic-friendly hobbies? 
Not sure if it’s a hobby, but caught up on a lot of tv shows. Also spend more time with my dog and reflect how to not take life for granted and for those people you love.

Who is one person you'd like to meet - past, present, or future?
Howard Stern. Before I got in this industry, I was a radio major and worked at a radio station here in Chicago. I always loved listening to him (Still do on SiriusXM)

What is your favorite travel destination and why?
Playa Del Carmen-No other place you can go to on a short plane ride for a few days, grab some sun and have an all inclusive at a reasonable price (Which I am going for 10 days later this week)

Rapid Fire:
Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Beach or Mountains? Mountains (but if I'm going on vacation to a resort, then it's beach because I don't want to do anything)  

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Biggest Celebrity Crush? Growing up I always had a crush on Pat Benatar, so I'm going to stick with that at my older age 

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early bird- I can barely stay up til 10pm but can barely get up before 7. Ha. 

Guilty Pleasure? Ritz Crackers with Cheese Whiz Spread